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It's been so long. I just need a catch-all post. But there's no way I could put everything into one single post. I've had tons of different things come to me over the past week or two, but the days go by so fast at home that I never can find the time to blog. But I've decided it has to end! So here we have a lovely post full of some of the lovely things that have been happening in life most recently :) 

I moved away from Snow on the first of May. It's crazy to think that my time at Snow College is already over! It seems that so little time has passed since I was bored out of my mind those first few days living in Ephraim (you can read about those lovely times here). I had thought for so long about graduating from high school and the moment when I would START college. But I didn't really think too much about when it would end... and now it's all flown by! It felt weird saying goodbye to Snow 
College, my roommates, and college life in general. I'll definitely miss things about being down there! There are most definitely positives and negatives of being at school :) 

So my mom scooped me up from Ephraim and we immediately headed down to Capitol Reef for a mother-daughter camping trip. Oh meine gute. It was the greatest thing EVER! It needs to be a new tradition, because it was honestly so wonderful. So relaxed and blissful. No screaming  children or complaints about the uncomfortable sleeping accommodations or meals... Basically heaven. I could have stayed a month longer :)

I even brought the guitar and we sang songs around the campfire... My life is complete after having played the guitar in Capitol Reef :)

Our first night the campground was FULL. On a random weekend at the start of May... crazy! So we ended up in Torrey sleeping in a cute little cabin. It was the most beautiful setting though! The beautiful cliffs were the backdrop to cows and horses grazing in the field while babies nursed from their mommies! It was amazing. 

Hiking was such a joy without any kids to wait around for. I definitely don't mind some good mommy-daughter time :)

Classic photo bomb :)

The loveliest yellow flower... my favorite! :)

Okay, so there's the moving/camping spiel. So lovely :). I've since moved my stuff back into my room. Finally. I didn't get everything finished until later this week... it's just no fun to be cooped up in my room sorting and putting away while my mom is doing other things around the house. But it's all done now! It's been nice being home and being able to help my mom around the house and have more time to spend with her.

Heidi got a big box of sidewalk for mom for mothers day... so naturally we had to try it out... while the kids were at school. Hehe :) 

and yes, she ate the popcorn out of the dirt on the driveway ;) 

My LOVELY selfie showing our artwork... 

And then I made a beautiful pie! 

And I got to wear my cute homemade apron! I'm pretty fond of it :) 
Triple Berry Pie recipe: Made to be a Momma

We also made the most AMAZING Mexican food dinner. Mom and I wanted it to be like a restaurant... and restaurant quality it was! It looked beautiful and it tasted AMAZING. Definitely a keeper. 

Recipe for crock pot re-fried beans: The Baker Upstairs
Recipe for baked Chicken Chimichangas:

As I was sorting and organizing my room I had the most brilliant (in my opinion) idea! I've had so many postcards and tickets and such and never known what to do with them... and then it came to me: a postcard wall! I stuck them all up with that blue sticky stuff on my wall and made such a lovely collage of postcards, pictures, plane tickets and other things. I'm pretty fond of it.... :)

And then... "dadadada"....... I GOT CALLED ON A MISSION!
Friday my call came and I ran up the street and into the house leaping for joy. I opened it that night between gasps of excitement. I have been called to serve in the Canada Montreal Mission... speaking French!

It was so humbling to realize the hand of the Lord in telling me that I am meant to serve and in determining where I would serve. I know my call has been inspired by my Heavenly Father and his knowledge of what I need to do with the next few years of my life. I have been called of him to teach his people, to bring them unto Christ. I was so nervous as I began to read my call. I felt so overwhelmed as I looked at the huge map of the world and realized I could be called anywhere, it was kind of terrifying. But it is amazing the peace I felt as soon as I read where I had been called to serve. Yes I have fears about serving a mission. I know it will be hard. But the fears went away with the realization that the Lord had called me where he knows is right. There will be hard times, but the excitement and happiness that I will be able to bring people to my savior, Jesus Christ, overshadows all my worries. It was overwhelming as I opened my call, but the feeling of eagerness to bring my fellow brothers and sisters closer to my savior overwhelms me even more with such great joy. I am so grateful that I was called to serve a mission, that I felt it was right for me. I am so excited to teach the gospel in FRENCH. That itself is a tender mercy, that I will be able to improve my French and communicate fluently with the wonderful Rivet family whom I love. I know I have been called where the Lord wants me to go, and for that I am so grateful :)


  1. Beautiful. Gee, I wished I had seen this before I sent the FamFiles. I could have lifted some of your pictures. Keep up the good work!


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