I'm going there someday.

I am one of those girls who loves her Pinterest wedding board. I almost take pride in that thing. Call me a silly still-teenager, but I dream about having the "perfect" wedding. Quite often actually. (Just watch me never get married ;). Sometimes I just scroll down my different "pins" when I'm bored, and sometimes I just scroll down my wedding board specifically. It just makes me excited, you know? ;)  So I was scrolling through my "Happily Ever After" (wedding) board, and I realized how few pictures I had of this wonderful place. I counted. I only had 7 temple pins out of 800 wedding-related pins. Lately I've been thinking how much the fancy dress really doesn't matter, nor do expensive decorations or food, invitations or announcements. What really matters? This place:

The TEMPLE. The single most important part of my someday hopefully wedding plans.

There are temples literally "dotting the land". In countries all over the world. People speak different languages in these temples- be it German, French, Spanish, English... but the message is the same and the gospel is the same. The sealing power is the same and eternal marriage is the same. How could I take for granted this central part of my future wedding and plan for life and all of eternity? I feel like sometimes we even place too much emphasis on which temple we'll get married in. I want pretty pictures in front of Salt Lake, or I want it to be somewhere exotic like Hawaii. But I guess these details don't really matter. It doesn't matter if you choose the temple in the middle of the bustling streets of New York City or if it's up on the mountain of Bountiful. What matters is what happens inside of whichever temple you choose. What matters is that you can be sealed to your spouse forever. For all of eternity with that person you love second only to God. 

So I guess I just wanted to recenter my focus and talk a little about why that particular focus is so important to me. Yes, I might still dream occasionally about the "perfect" dress, ring, or reception. But I hope my dreams about being married in the temple never leave my mind. This is what, above all, I am aiming for. This is what I dedicate every day to. Living the way I should so I will be worthy and able to go to the temple someday with my love. 
The GOSPEL IS TRUE. It is true here in Ephraim where I'm at school and it's true up at home in Bountiful. It's true in bustling New York City and in the Swiss Alps. It's true in Antarctica... even if only for the penguins ;). It is true wherever I get called on my mission and where all my friends have already been called. God lives. And he is everywhere. The gospel isn't only true in Utah :)

I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have about God. And about temple marriages. That my parents were sealed in the temple and that I and all my siblings are sealed to them as well. That I will someday have the opportunity to be sealed to my own eternal companion. This is the greatest blessing. I hope I never take this for granted again, and that I will always remember that this is what really matters on that someday when I get married. I would trade a beautiful white ballgown for a tattered dress, and a magnificent cake for a cookie if it meant receiving those temple blessings. (I'm just sure glad I don't have to make such an extreme trade ;). Really though, if it came down to it I would choose a temple marriage over any of the glamorous wedding details. Your wedding day is just a day. The temple is for eternity. Which is more important? :)

I love to see the temple. I'm going there someday. I'm just excited for the day when I won't say someday anymore. :)

So next step? Pin some more temple pins ;)


  1. Wow, these venues are so exotic. I wish I could also visit these venues. Anyway, my cousin is going to have destination wedding at Los Angeles event venues. I am so excited for her wedding day. Actually LA is my dream place and it’ll be my first visit there!!


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