missing life.

This seemed like an adequate title. Obviously I love life- I love it now and I love it 10 years ago. I love my circumstances and I love the people I have. But tonight was just one of those good ol' nights of reminiscing. I got looking through all the posts from my other blog... all the pictures and all the memories. And here's what I realized: I miss high school. Weird, I know. Does anyone willingly admit to something like that? ever?. I feel like it's not the most normal thing to feel.. but it's kind of true. I don't miss the long days or class schedules, or all the wasted time, the awkward social pressure or whatever that makes you feel like so many things are more important than reality. I don't miss 90 minute classes. What I do miss? These guys:

 Midnight premiers... and COLORING. Oh how I miss bringing that party pail with us to every midnight movie while we colored in my collection of coloring books... I just don't get around to coloring without these friends around... 

Football games, being a sophomore girl with her sophomore girl friends... just wishing a hot senior boy would fall in love with me ;) While meanwhile being head over heals with David Archuleta...

And Ben George... ;)

first dates and being a youthful 16 year old :)

coming home from France and being so excited to see everyone after 6 WHOLE WEEKS. That seemed like an eternity to be away... now I go a month or two between every time I see these pals... and then there's the ones on missions... Oh man. :/

Being best friends with Savanna. Talks on the bed. Just being ridiculous and laughing so hard I could almost pee my pants. True friendship right there. ;)
And being totally WACKY and not caring who was there to take pictures of it... :)

sneaking food into theaters... like WATERMELONS. Really, what is cooler than that? Even if I was the unlucky culprit who had to be pregnant. Oh the pain of that experience. But oh the memories of the fun we had... and the relief of "birthing" that thing. Never. tape. a watermelon. to. your. belly. SO UNCOMFORTABLE. :P
Waking up at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise at the start of our summer... wow were we dedicated. Something tells me that the likelihood of us getting out of bed now for something like this is not so high.... :)

Basically, I miss these peeps of mine lots. These guys are the best. The greatest friends I could have ever had in high school. I was and am SO BLESSED to be so close to them... and to have so many wonderful memories. I miss high school because I miss seeing them EVERY DAY. I miss hanging out every weekend. I miss being total nutcases. I miss forcing Ben to play truth or dare, and doing yoga with Savanna and Rachel while everyone else played zombies. ( I DON'T miss Asher as a zombie though... EegADs!). I miss making pizza and going to Ben's house for lunch. I miss making blanket forts and having Ben read Junie B. Jones while Albanee made sill sound effects. I miss having paint fights. And having our own "homemade" EFY. I miss boating and hot tubbing. I miss long lunches. I miss French class and AP language... I miss visiting Carter at 5 guys and leaving him secret notes on the board. I miss playing ticket to ride and monopoly deal, having Ben complain every 10 minutes about how we should actually do something but having fun just laying around doing nothing. I miss life. Or just life with these friends of mine. These are the friends I imagine being the "aunts" and "uncles" to my kids... the friends that are really just an extension to my family tree. The friends I imagine sitting on the porch drinking lemonade as old grannies and grampies.. reminiscing about these very times. Oh how I love these friends of mine. Sometimes I get a little melancholy (mel-on-cu-lee) or however megamind says it ;) realizing that I don't get to see them all anymore... that we don't get to hang out every weekend and that half of these peeps are on missions. We're spread out in different countries and at different colleges... but you know what? These guys are still my best friends and I don't expect that to change in the next few years while we're apart on our various adventures. I don't know that anything can replace the memories we've got. And oh how I can't wait to continue those memories once we all reunite and party some more in a few years! :)


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