This boy named Carter.

Carter's been begging asking me to write a post about him... so finally, here it is! I figured with it being Valentines weekend and all that I was justified in writing a post about this little gem. :)

So this here is Carter. He's quite silly, and quite a handful. It's always good to make sure anything breakable is safely put away in a safe place if Carter's around. He likes to chase my brothers around, give my family "pinchy-butts", and chase people around the house with toilet plungers.

Sometimes I think he belongs in my wacky family more than I do ;) I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a Shelley ;)

Once upon a Junior year... we met and quickly came the best of buds! 

He's my first kiss and my first Valentine :)

He's my best friend...

He makes me feel like a princess- telling me I'm beautiful even when I'm dead tired or have no makeup and crazy hair. 

He makes me feel like a kid... :)

He loves me despite all my quirkiness...

We've gone on lots of good adventures together.... 
Like Geode hunting...

Sleeping at City Creek to win "Train" tickets... with my mom :)

Picnics at the park...

Riding his moped when my mom's not watching ;) (only once around the parking lot... :)

And "all night" parties that only go til midnight....

We've gone to dances together....

And even to San Francisco! (our Senior choir trip :)

His voice sounds AMAZING when he sings. It melts my heart. It is like melted chocolate on strawberries. I LOVE IT. ;)

He'll dance in the rain with me...

And sacrifice hours and days for the things that are important to me. (Like the FCCLA fashion show...)

And FCCLA stuff in general...

He stands in the cold to take cute pictures with me :)

and makes me smile, laugh, and just be HAPPY 

He keeps me in line and from being too rebellious :)

And even puts up with our quirky family rituals and traditions ;) (like this ceremonial pool-filling ;)

He wakes up at 5 a.m. to watch the sunrise, go hiking, cook breakfast, or simply have more time together.

He sticks with me even when I look like this...

This boy is my best friend. He's the one I talk and laugh with, and the one I cry with when I'm feeling down. He does things we both love, and even those things he doesn't love so much. (like sitting through Pride and Prejudice or the Lizzie McGuire movie). We don't always agree, and we don't always have perfect days... but he is always willing to spend time with me- whether I'm in a wonderful mood or having that time of the month, he loves me still the same (or at least acts like it). He's pretty great :)

In about seven weeks, this lovely boy will head for the England MTC and then be off to the Alpine German Speaking mission. He will be gone for TWO years. HOLY COW. It's still hard for me to believe he is leaving. But I am so excited for him. I will miss him tons- I've already started feeling that now and he hasn't even left yet! It will be hard saying goodbye. But I can't wait to see how much he grows and learns on his mission, and for him to experience submitting himself to the Lord to serve and convert others as well as more fully convert himself. He will do great.
So this is Carter. He is crazy, He is spunky. He is patient. He is loving. He is my best friend. He is Carter.


  1. That is the sweetest thing!! Carter has to feel sooo loved!!!


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