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Passing through Jackson... Cliff Jumping at Phelps Lake

It has long been on my bucket list to cliff jump near Jackson Hole. Ever since a boy in 9th grade gave me a swim lesson so my mom would let me go cliff jumping in Hawaii and told me about cliff jumping in Jackson...
My best friend Savanna and I put it on our summer bucket list immediately following this discussion with him. I had forgotten about it until I found my bucket list a few weeks after visiting Savanna in Jackson Hole last summer... and the desire to live the bucket list moment was ignited once again!
And finally last week, I got to check a glorious item off the list.

We were heading home from Yellowstone and planned to stop in the Tetons then camp in the area before finishing the drive home. I had read about Phelps Lake last summer and was determined to go and do it finally.
Carter and the family were a bit resistant initially, not wanting to go swimming because it had been cold and windy in Yellowstone. I convinced them that we should just hike to Phelps lake, then. We cou…

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