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Fun ways to exercise without going to the smelly gym. ;)

I am not a gym goer. The atmosphere has never appealed to me and I always felt uneasy with all those experienced ripped people showing off their six packs. It was silly to me. And I usually feel so unnatural that I don't end up getting much of a workout anyway. It wasn't until this year that it actually clicked... I do not have to go to the gym to be fit or get my daily exercise!
Why use the cycling machine when I can go for a beautiful bike ride outdoors? Why not incorporate a more active lifestyle into my daily routine... rather than scheduling in that dreaded trip to the gym, just take extra steps to be active throughout the day. I think it really sparked with the "French movement" this year- my new determination to live more of the French lifestyle. And being more active throughout the day is part of that.
So here are some of the nice things I enjoy that have helped me to become more active over the past few months. I'm not a gym rat, but I don't want to …

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