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Darkness is replaced with light.

So I was heading to work this Halloween. Looking around to spot some trick-or-treaters. Zombies, witches, or demons. The occasional princess or dragon. I'm really not one for Halloween, but instead await its passing with eagerness, as the happy holiday spirit comes in.
Carter and I designated November 1, as the official start-of-Christmas decorating day. But before reacting with cries in defense of thanksgiving, hear me out in my newfound understanding of the symbolism I found in this time of year.
Halloween in a way celebrates darkness, terror, and evil. Again, not really my thing. But it struck me that a day of darkness gives way to the first day of light. I think of the earth before Christ's resurrection. I think of three days of darkness in the Americas. Disarray, confusion, loss. The world would be darkness without the Savior.
But the thick darkness gave way to incomprehensible light as the Savior was born. Again as He rose from the grave. And so for me, the transition fr…

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