Monday, May 16, 2016

Greenfield Park - May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Happy Monday! :) 
Sorry again for last week's crazy email.. I didn't really get to talk at all about S's baptism. It was a pretty intense week, really trying to work with her to be ready for her baptism, and to be worthy and stay worthy before and after. The word of wisdom was definitely hard for her to overcome... But it's amazing to see her faith since she's been baptized. Satan's trying so hard on her to get her to slip up. There are definitely a lot of stresses for her right now (we helped her move this weekend! :) ). But she's so set on keeping those covenants she made. She kept saying how she knows she made a promise to God, that she knows she has to live up to those covenants. She's amazing. I still just feel so blessed to be here with her :)

We had a crazy night just a few days before her baptism. She has several important medications, after having had a heart attack several years ago. Because of other things going on, she hadn't mentioned to her husband that she needed her medication, so they hadn't budgeted it into their week. So she found herself waiting a few days with no medication. She was pretty tired Tuesday ( of last week), but was doing okay. Wednesday night was probably the scariest night of my mission. We went to see S in the evening, and she was so shaky and could only whisper. We walked back to sit in the kitchen, and had to catch her as she almost fell down. She'd been feeling alright earlier as she'd been pretty relaxed and resting... but then she got up and decided to do some laundry, packing, and other things around her house. Her blood pressure had shot up SO HIGH. She described the heaviest feeling in her chest. We were pretty terrified. We asked the Elders to give her a blessing, but they were having a really hard time finding another man who could accompany them to her home (it was the first night in weeks that her whole family happened to b egone...). Finally the Elders were able to come and give her a blessing... and it was amazing the peace we all felt. S described how much the heaviness lifted at that point, and that she felt the most peaceful calm come over her. After that she slept so soundly until she was able to take her medication in the morning. It was absolutely amazing. Definitely such a powerful experience, and strengthened our testimony so much of the power of priesthood blessings, prayer, and the healing power of Christ's Atonement. Miracles have definitely not ceased.

Sandra was able to be baptized, and it was really just a beautiful beautiful day. She was so filled with the spirit, and her family was really touched as well. And Sandra's been an amazing member already.. so excited to teach with us, and be a ''sister'' to all her ward family :)

I love her so so much and am just happy to be teaching her :) It's amazing how much her life has changed since we met...

This week was also great. We had a lesson with HYacinth, after almost a month of no lesson. A convert in our ward, brother Holland, came with us. It was an amazing lesson.. it was amazing how much more HYacinth opened up, and the spirit we felt. WE're really hoping to get working more with her and help her feel the truthfullness of the restored gospel. We've definitely seen the power of bringing members to our lessons this week... so I encourage you all to go out and teach with the missionaries. I know I was terrible at this before my mission, but I've repented and have plans for after my mission for sure :) But really, there is power in having members there to testify and share experiences as well. I love the members here in Greenfield Park so so much :)

Well, famille et chers amis :) je vous aime, mais le Seigneur encore plus. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Keep looking for the hand of the Lord in your lives. Look for those miracles he gives each day. I know he does lead us along, and we grow so much closer to him as we look for his hand. I love you all. Make good choices and remember who you are :)

Soeur Heather Shelley

                                                     Up on Mount Royal with our district. 

Our freezing apartment...;(

            The baptism book we made for Sandra,,,,with pictures and notes from everyone there :)

                                                           Sandra loved her book!! :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Greenfield Park April 25, 2016 Sandra's Baptism!!

April 25, 2016

So so sorry.l.. I have like no time to email today. We went to Mount Royal with our district, the sisters got lost so we got up there an hour late, our first bus back didn't come so we had to wait, so got back super late... But such a great week! I'll have to tell more détails next week :)
But SANDRA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Oh meine gute... It was the most exciting day :) And she's doing so well... she is amazing. She felt the spirit so powerfully as she was baptized and then confirmed the following day. I'll send pictures next week , I promise :) She's amazing.. she's already found a referral for us, a friend who is really struggling. She called us this morning, and read us the Facebook message she sent her friend... She testified so powerfully of her Savior Jesus Christ and the miracle of Healing he's brought into her life. Her friend agreed to give us her number :) She'll probably be taught by other missionaries closer to her, but it's so exciting. Sandra is amazing. Please keep praying for her to keep strong and for us to be guided in how to best help her :)

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. I know this is so short... but I want you all to know that I know with all my heart that this IS the Lord's work. I know he's guiding his work. I know he loves each of us, his children, so much :) I love you all! You are all in my thoughts and prayers :)
Sister Heather Shelley

                                                                   Sandra's Baptism!!!

Sandra with Bishop Lopez.

What an exciting Day !!! I was so excited for Sandra!!

The expression on Sandra's face says it all. I just love this picture of Sandra with the Elders.

The day before Sandra's baptism she sent my mom this sweet message on facebook. 

Hi Camille, My name is Sandra Dreyer. Your daughter happens to be one of the Sisters that visit me. I would like to THANK YOU. If you had not had her then I would still be lost and the path hidden from me. She has given me and taught me soooo much. I as a woman of 52 married for 27yrs and 2 children (who are in their 20s now) never wanted to or gave time to learn about our Heavenly Father and his only Begotten Son that he sent to us to prove that there is hope. And I have found it. THANK YOU FOR HAVING A DAUGHTER SO FULL OF THE SPIRIT THAT IT IS CONGIOUS. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND AN AWESOME TEACHER. THANK YOU FOR LETTING HER GO ON HER MISSION. I am the lucky one. I hope that All is good with your family. I appreciate what you give up so I can have her presence, her knowledge, and grace. Spirit is strong with her. God Bless Your Family. Love from Sandra Dreyer. xoxoxoxo

Sandra!! I LOVE her so much!!!

The day after her baptism she sent  another message to my mom.
"Hi Camille Yesterday was my baptism .... Its was like i was washed free,. I am still trying to put my experience into words. Heather carries such a big spirit in her. And her joy and happiness is so contagious. I am so glad That i have made this decision. I was lost for sooooooo many years and it feels good to be wanted and loved uncondiontionally..... All of you are in my prayers. love, Sandra

What a sweet testimony of a newly baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

                                 Writing the baptism sign on Sandra's progress report..woot!

Sister Prince and I at the Montreal Temple.I love the  priveledge of being able to attend once every transfer. 

                                     Haha...One of those mission changes...I LOVE  sushi :D

                                                             I made Banana bread!!!

 Do you love the desperate missionary pattern- mixing?" 

Getting ready for Sandra's baptism!!:D

Greenfield Park April 18, 2016 : The Blessings of the Restoration

April 18, 2016

Well Sandra is still scheduled to be baptized this week! It's going to be a pretty stressful and emotional week though, I'm sure... It's amazing how hard Satan fights when he knows we're close to such an important decision. When he knows it's going to bring us so much happiness, he really fights to bring us down. So he's working hard to stop Sandra from her baptism. But she is so strong. She's overcome so much in the two months I've known her. She's learned so much and has gained so much joy. She knows this is right, and has such a strong hope and faith in God's love for her. She really struggles with feeling worthy of that love... but she's slowly starting to feel worthy and working to be worthy as well. She's done so well with smoking the last few weeks. We're just REALLY praying that she'll keep pressing forward and be able to make it through this week and the weeks to come. I love Sandra so much and I'm so excited for her baptism... it felt kind of unreal to finally be planning for it this week :) So we're just praying lots and keeping our fingers crossed that all will work out for her this week. I just can't wait for the day when you all can meet her... she really is amazing. She's definitely someone I plan to stay close to forever.

I'm just grateful for my mission giving me the opportunities to meet such amazing people. It's crazy to realize that had I not come on my mission I wouldn't know Sandra or any of the other people I've taught. I wouldn't know these wonderful ward members or any of my great companions. There are SO MANY things I'm Learning and experiencing on my mission that I will hold dear to my heart forever :)

Something I was thinking of this week is family Council.. after the awesome conference talk about family councils. We had our ward Council this week and it hit me how important it really is that we all work together to love, serve, and strengthen each other. In the ward as well as in our own homes. ''The most important work you ever do will be within the walls of your own homes''.. I know that's so true. So it just strikes me how important it is to work together as a family as well :) So I wanted to invite you to start doing family Council like described in conference :) There are so many things we learn from each other and strength to be gained as we share our expériences with each other. :)
Also... tomorrow we're going to the temple :) I'm so excited... I love the temple and am so grateful for the blessings of the temple. This week in many of our visits and dinners with members, we've asked them how the restoration of the gospel has changed their lives. Why the restoration of the gospel is important to them personally. I've been so touched by the responses we've heard. The temple. The Sacrament. Prophets. The Book of Mormon. The restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ shows how much our Heavenly Father loves us. He sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to suffer and die for our sakes. The restoration of the Priesthood power enables us to receive all the blessings that are made possible by the grace of our Savior Jesus Christ. That power from God allows us to be made clean when we're baptized, and to continue to be made clean, improve, and be sanctified as we continue to take the sacrament. It allows us to receive strength and power as we attend the temple. It allows us to be sealed to our families for ever and ever :) (sorry family, you're stuck with my singing, mac n`cheese, and rice-cooking forever ;) ). Really though. The blessings of the restoration of that priesthood power are inumerable :) in the ordinances thereof the power of godliness truly is made manifest. What a huge blessing to be able to work to experience that power in our lives every day :)

I love you all and  hope you have a great week!
avec amour,
Sœur Heather Shelley :) :) :) :) :)

Heather had to introduce Sister Prince to Poutine, the native dish of Quebec. It looks so yummy!!! 

Having fun doing weekly planning.:D