about me.
I am 19 years old. I'm soon to head out for 18 months of service as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been called of God to serve in the Canada Montréal Mission. I will be speaking French :). I love life. I love to share my thoughts and experiences, however limited they may be. I love my family so much. I have the most wonderful friends. Relationships are so important to me, and really I try to value them above everything else :) I am a family studies major and hope to someday be a marriage and family therapist. Above all I hope to be a future wife and mother. I can't wait to have my own little family someday :)

My favorite color is yellow. I like fishy crackers, rice, and s'mores. I love music so much. Country, Oldies, and Vocal Point are my favorites :) I am always singing. I try to pretend I know how to play the piano, and I love the sound of guitar music around the campfire. I love camping. I love nature. Hiking, boating, beach-going, and yoga. 
I may not be an expert at life. I may not have a huge wealth of experiences that grant me great wisdom or insight. But I'm learning one day at a time. I'm more than content with what life has given me. I try to be optimistic. I try to be a friend and love people. Lately I've tried to focus on cherishing the moment. It's easy to ache for the future or yearn for the past. But I've found the best way to happiness is to focus on appreciating every moment as I face it :) I don't have life figured out perfect, but I feel I've got a fairly decent recipe for happiness. This blog is the script of how I go about my happy days :)


I love my family more than anything else. Mom and Dad, six children,  one soon-to-be brother-in-law, and six+ "adopted" exchange children. We love each other most of the time. I'm always grateful for the closeness I share with my siblings. They are my best friends adn they are each examples to me of something different yet amazing. I love my family and the experiences we've had together. They love me despite my quirkiness, obnoxious singing around the house, and annoying voices. We have our differences. But when we come together for good times we can have the most wonderful times ever. I'm so grateful to be blessed with these quirky people we call the Shelley family. :)

We love to travel. I'm blessed with parents who have always felt exposure to the world around was was important. We camp. We stay in the nicest places with the best deals. We're not a hotel-staying, Disneyland-going family. But we do our best to see an experience the worlds and cultures around us. Travel is so important to me, and I think it will remain so my entire life. We were blessed with such an amazingly diverse world, and I'd feel ignorant if I weren't to do all I could to experience it.

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