Greenfield Park April 25, 2016 Sandra's Baptism!!

April 25, 2016

So so sorry.l.. I have like no time to email today. We went to Mount Royal with our district, the sisters got lost so we got up there an hour late, our first bus back didn't come so we had to wait, so got back super late... But such a great week! I'll have to tell more détails next week :)
But SANDRA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! Oh meine gute... It was the most exciting day :) And she's doing so well... she is amazing. She felt the spirit so powerfully as she was baptized and then confirmed the following day. I'll send pictures next week , I promise :) She's amazing.. she's already found a referral for us, a friend who is really struggling. She called us this morning, and read us the Facebook message she sent her friend... She testified so powerfully of her Savior Jesus Christ and the miracle of Healing he's brought into her life. Her friend agreed to give us her number :) She'll probably be taught by other missionaries closer to her, but it's so exciting. Sandra is amazing. Please keep praying for her to keep strong and for us to be guided in how to best help her :)

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. I know this is so short... but I want you all to know that I know with all my heart that this IS the Lord's work. I know he's guiding his work. I know he loves each of us, his children, so much :) I love you all! You are all in my thoughts and prayers :)
Sister Heather Shelley

                                                                   Sandra's Baptism!!!

Sandra with Bishop Lopez.

What an exciting Day !!! I was so excited for Sandra!!

The expression on Sandra's face says it all. I just love this picture of Sandra with the Elders.

The day before Sandra's baptism she sent my mom this sweet message on facebook. 

Hi Camille, My name is Sandra Dreyer. Your daughter happens to be one of the Sisters that visit me. I would like to THANK YOU. If you had not had her then I would still be lost and the path hidden from me. She has given me and taught me soooo much. I as a woman of 52 married for 27yrs and 2 children (who are in their 20s now) never wanted to or gave time to learn about our Heavenly Father and his only Begotten Son that he sent to us to prove that there is hope. And I have found it. THANK YOU FOR HAVING A DAUGHTER SO FULL OF THE SPIRIT THAT IT IS CONGIOUS. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND AN AWESOME TEACHER. THANK YOU FOR LETTING HER GO ON HER MISSION. I am the lucky one. I hope that All is good with your family. I appreciate what you give up so I can have her presence, her knowledge, and grace. Spirit is strong with her. God Bless Your Family. Love from Sandra Dreyer. xoxoxoxo

Sandra!! I LOVE her so much!!!

The day after her baptism she sent  another message to my mom.
"Hi Camille Yesterday was my baptism .... Its was like i was washed free,. I am still trying to put my experience into words. Heather carries such a big spirit in her. And her joy and happiness is so contagious. I am so glad That i have made this decision. I was lost for sooooooo many years and it feels good to be wanted and loved uncondiontionally..... All of you are in my prayers. love, Sandra

What a sweet testimony of a newly baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

                                 Writing the baptism sign on Sandra's progress report..woot!

Sister Prince and I at the Montreal Temple.I love the  priveledge of being able to attend once every transfer. 

                                     Haha...One of those mission changes...I LOVE  sushi :D

                                                             I made Banana bread!!!

 Do you love the desperate missionary pattern- mixing?" 

Getting ready for Sandra's baptism!!:D


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