April 4, 2016

Wasn't conference just GRRRREEEAAAATTTTTT??? It was pretty amazing having general conference as a missionary... I've never been so excited about general conference, and this was the first time I made it through every session without any naps! ;) The Lord really does give us miracles when we are in his service ;) I think conference is pretty special for missionaries, though, because we're listening for so much more than ourselves. Every talk was just amazing... I can't wait to go back and read over all the talks in the coming 6 months :) It was especially special listening ''for'' S. Even when she was sitting right beside me during the Sunday morning session, I felt like I was still listening for her. She has a lot of doubts of her own personal worthiness, God's love for her personally... the last few days she really struggled with feeling that love and peace she's initially felt... but there were so many talks that reaffirmed the love Heavenly Father has for each of us personally, and our role as his children. I loved President  Uchtdorf's talk.... when he talked of the lost sheep that the Shepherd will go and find. This story is really special to S. We shared this story with her several weeks ago, and she's continued to relate it to herself. So it was so inspired as we heard President Uchtdorf talking about it, too. I loved when he said that we are ALL WORTHY of his rescue. Not because of anything we've done. It doesn't matter what we're lacking in or what sins we've committed, or how far we've wandered. He will do all he can to seek out and bring each of his sheep in--because he LOVES US. We are WORTHY BECAUSE HE LOVES US. It's such a sweet truth, and I know that it is a truth. If I've learned anything up to this point in my children, it's that Heavenly Father really does love each and EVERY ONE of his children. I know this because I've felt it. As one of his missionaries, he gives me the smallest taste of that love for those I meet, teach, and work with. I've never felt such a strong love ever in my life... for people I've known for such a short amount of time. I know that Heavenly Father's love for his children is real :)
So yes, Conference was a huge highlight. S only came to the Church for Sunday morning... Saturday she was feeling really down, and a little sick as well. Satan is definitely starting to fight hard since he knows she's so close to making such a big choice that will briing so much happiness. The opposition is definitely coming... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep S in your PRAYERS. I know there is a lot of power in prayers and faith :)
The Elders gave Sandra a blessing after the session, though. She was really touched by the experience. I was touched by how much the blessing talked of the love our Heavenly Father has for her. The power of priesthood blessings really is powerful. That's something I've only recently begun to get a real testimony of. The more I study, and experience the power of the priesthood in my life, the more I realize how powerful it really is. I know it's the power God gives to do his will, and that ''in the ordinances thereof, the power of Godliness is made manifest'' (D&C 84:20).
It was a special experience afterwards as well. Earlier this week I had been studying the priesthood, and felt that Sister Prince and I both should seek out a blessing. So following S's blessing, the Elders gave us a blessing as well. That too was a special experience as Sister Prince and I both heard things we really needed to hear, and had our personal concerns set at ease. So I definitely am getting a testimony of the power of the priesthood. I'm starting to realize how blessed I am to have grown up in a home lead by a Father who held the priesthood and who exercises it worthily. I think I've taken that blessing for granted a lot. None of us are perfect, but God does bless us with his power in our lives as we show we have the desire to do all we can. So thanks, Dad, for always being an example to me of that desire :)_

I love you all and hope you have a great week. We've all had amazing expériences with conference, and now I just hope we won't go and forget all these things... write down the changes you've been inspired to make in your lives, then GO AND DO them! Keep reading those conference talks over and over again... there's so much guidance we'll receive in the words of the prophet and apostles. I know those men are called of God. I know the women who spoke from the RS, YW, and primary presidencies are also called of God. Each of those conference talks is what the Lord needed us to hear and learn at this time. So let's not take it lightly.. lets treasure up those words and show the Lord who we're going to become because of the wonderful counsel he's given :)
I love you all! Have a good week and remember that moi je vous aime, mais le Seigneur encore plus! :)
avec amour,
Sœur Heather Shelley :)

P.S. also.... my address :) Since I'm training for 12 weeks I figure it should be safe to send mail to my actual appartment :)
So... if anyone wants to write :)

173 Rue La Pointe
Longueuil QC
J46 1H2

I know I'm not the best at writing either... but I promise I do my best... :) Letters make for happy missionaries... and I'm sure the Lord blesses those who write missionaries too ;)

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