Living the dream in LOGAN, UT.

Moving to Logan has been one of the best decisions Carter and I have made since becoming a married couple. As silly as Carter was to refuse giving Provo a try and the pain of transferring schools yet again, I must now admit that it was worth the sacrifice. I love living in Logan. I love starting our little family of two up here. I guess you could say that getting married and moving to Logan has helped fulfill some of my lifelong dreams.  
Here's why...

Public Transportation. 
Logan is the first city in Utah that I have found to foster my European-born love for public transportation. Yes, there are buses, trax, and the front runner south of here. But it always felt more convenient to drive. Public transportation seemed to be much more expensive than driving myself and it took more time. Public transport in Bountiful is a joke. The buses are rarely used and come so rarely that it never felt practical. 
But Logan, actually all of Cache Valley, offers a FREE public transit system. Yes, Free! It may not be as reliable as the Swiss trains Carter loves (which he brings up whenever the Logan bus is late). The buses stop running by 8:30 each night. But this city offers much more than I have ever been offered. We have a bus stop right in front of our apartment. We can ride up to campus, the store, and work. 
Ever since spending time in Europe and on the East coast (New York, Boston, Montreal), I have been in love with public transportation. I have always dreamed of living somewhere I could do so. I just never realized I could live that dream while living in Utah.

This one is connected with the last. But along with the dream of public transport is that of living in a city where I am close enough to my resources to ride my BIKE and WALK to stores and facilities. Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa gave Carter and I these beautiful bikes for a Christmas/wedding gift. We have loved putting them to use. We ride to the park, the farmers market, grocery store, and up to campus. Livin' the dream for sure :)

This is another wonderful benefit of living in Logan. Logan canyon is 5 minutes from our apartment. There are seemingly endless hikes and campgrounds as you drive through the canyon. One hour from Bear Lake (which we have yet to visit) and such beauty! The drive to Logan is also beautiful (coming from home in Bountiful), and definitely beats the old drive from Provo! We have great parks with trees for hammocks, grills, and rivers you can swim in (if you dare enter the cold water!). 
Logan is a beautiful place for we nature lovers :)

Now I know you can garden anywhere you put your mind to (I guess you can bike as well... but biking those hills in Bountiful would have been the death of me), but founding our own household has given way to our own gardening adventure. It was Carter's genius idea and genius skills that brought us these homemade planter boxes and so many flourishing plants. We are IN LOVE with our garden and I have never been happier.

The neighbors think we're crazy, I'm sure. But we have also seen the seedling spread! What started with only the apartment crazies has spread to several couples in our apartments... Now many have their own pots and seedlings. I'm sure they'll all be building planter boxes by next spring ;)

Living with my best friend. 
I didn't know how getting married would be, especially moving up to a foreign place, new school, and new people. But life together in Logan has been a dream in itself. Our engagement was semi-long distance while Carter did a semester in Ephraim and I in Provo. We only saw each other on some weekends leading up to the wedding. I was used to living in an apartment of 6 girls. Would living with a man be weird? I have heard that transitioning can be hard, and some say that the first year of marriage is the hardest year of life. 
But these 5 months (that's nearly half a year!) have been wonderful. Not once has it felt a strange transition, and every day I feel so BLESSED to be married to my best friend. Getting married and beginning our family together is the best decision we have made (even more than the garden :) ). 
With Carter around, I'm not sure it would matter too much where we'd picked to live. But suffice it to say that Logan fits our style and I am oh so grateful he forced convinced me to come here! ;)
Our first-ever camping trip as a married pair.


Move-in day and PIZZA!

So for anyone considering the drive to visit this lovely place, I'd say it's worth it. For those debating whether Utah State is too far from home, it's also worth it. Take the leap and try it out. :)


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