Happy 2nd transfer...halfway through my training.

November 9, 2015

It really is amazing the peace the spirit can bring.  I had a couple hard moments this week. Don't really know why, but sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s easy to see the changes you need to make and have the patience with yourself to sort them out, other times it's just so hard to be patient and understanding. But I was studying Ether 2:24 (my ponderizing scripture from a few weeks back) :) And had an amazing study time. I LOVE Ether. It's my favorite book :) But anyways... as it talks about the winds, rains, and storms, it's just so cool to realize that those winds are what blew them toward the promised land. Ether 6: 8... the wind NEVER CEASED to blow them toward the promised land. So cool. That those trials we have are what "blows" us toward the promised land, or toward our eternal progression and exaltation. It made me think of that dream you had a few years back. We all hoped for trials, because we knew how important they were. These trials were seen as a GIFT. Pretty amazing. I also turned to D&C 121 and 122. These sections are SO POWERFUL. I'd encourage you to read them. That promise in 122:8 is amazing. "Hold on thy way, and the priesthood shall remain with thee". Whether or not we are ordained with the priesthood, as long as we hold on our way and do all we should, we have those priesthood blessings. The priesthood is the eternal power and authority of God. What could be a greater promised blessing than that? It's pretty amazing. :)
Also, I was reading in the temple magazine some more this week. It talked about our homes being the temple of God, and how that all begins as we have our temple sealing and honor that covenant of marriage. I was just thinking of the beauty, significance, and blessing of temple marriage. I'm not there quite yet in life, but I am so blessed to be born into a family that has been sealed and with parents so kind and dear :) Really though. It's such a blessing. And I know that as we put that temple marriage and strengthening that marriage above all else, the rest of the heavenly atmosphere of the temple will fall into place in our homes :)
Well I love you lots! I better get writing the big email :) Just know how much I love you and pray for you:)
I don't really need anything. Letters are great though. Keep those coming. Sister Beaumont gets tons of mail. So tell the family to pick up their game ;)
I love you sooo much!
Bisous bisous
Heather :)
p.s. you'd be happy to know that they do the bisous here. Yes, it's lovely. I thought you'd be excited about that ;)

Happy 2nd transfer :) I can't believe 6 weeks are already over here in Mascouche. Training is half way over... pretty crazy. I don't have tons of time left, so I'll have to make it short. I hope all is well back home though. It's so exciting to hear from everyone all the fun things that are going on... Halloween, wedding plans, school. Keep me updated. It's really SO good to hear about what's going on :)
Just a few little details from the week....
Marie-Clare ... did I mention her before? The sweet 80 something year old woman who was baptized in April. We visit her 2 or 3 times a week. She's a gem, but her memory is slowly failing her. She repeats the same testimony every day, regardless of the questions or comments we say. It's hilarious, but also pretty sad. But I guess it's good that if she's going to forget everything else, at least she remembers that the Savior died for us, she has a patriarchal blessing that she reads every day, she LOVES her bishop (and winks at him every Sunday ;)) and is sooo excited to go to the temple. That's what she tells us EVERY time. Multiple times a lesson. So this week we had a nice lesson with her. We had been talking about this darling dialogue we always have... and then we went to this lesson. I was really tired, so things were just extra funny. So as she started responding to my question, I just had to do all I could to hold in the giggles. The more I giggled, the more Sister Beaumont had the same problem... until I really just had tears streaming down my face and I couldn't contain it any more. Marie-Claire was just so puzzled. Haha so funny... I tried to convince her it was just the spirit ;) Oh goodness... It was hilarious though. I had a pretty steady stream of laughing tears ;)
Besides that lovely visit, most of our focus this week has been on the temple.. which is AWESOME. We started today at the temple and are scheduled to be at the temple every day for the rest of the week. It's GREAT :) The spirit there is wonderful. It really is the best place to be. I feel so blessed to be involved in this wonderful opportunity :) It's amazing! The temple really is the greatest blessing... I'd just encourage everyone to go there as often as possible. It's the greatest blessing :) At Stake Conference this week, President Patrick pointed out that the Temple Ordinances are the means by which we access the complete powers of the Atonement. Pretty amazing. We need the temple in order for the Atonement of Jesus Christ to fully work in us. So go to the temple. Find names to take to the temple. Get working in this wonderful work of Salvation :)

Well that's all I have time for... but I love you all and pray for you! Really. I've been working hard to improve the quality of my prayers. It's actually been a really good experience. So I'd encourage you to do the same. Just think of how much you like talking to your parents or children.. Heavenly Father feels the same way, only a million times more so. So talk to your Heavenly Father and make it sincere :)
Well I love you lots! Keep being wonderful and feel free to write me letters :)
Bisous bisous!
Sister Heather Shelley :) :) :)

I had Sister Beaumont do my hair :) The sweet German man at the temple open house told me his daughters used to wear their hair like this. So...I looked like an authentic German ! Pretty exciting :)

                                                            Montreal Temple

First day helping at the Montreal Temple open house!  :) :) :)

This is Marie Claire... the wonderful and famous :) She just got a haircut and perm ;) And called us about 10 times to come over and get a picture of her... :)

                                                                   Famous for her wink..:)


All set and ready for stake conference.. looking so cute and matchy ;) and so excited for church :)

The purple monster... from the missionary clothing bank. Yes, we're preparing for winter ;) Don't worry mommy ;)


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