Wonderful Week :)

November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015
Hello!!! :)
Where to begin? It's been such a wonderful, full, blessed week :) Tuesday we had our Trainers and Trainees meeting. That was SO INSPIRING. Sister Beaumont and I left with such an enhanced desire and vision to work for the miracles we want to see. It's cool seeing how much that meeting changed our outlook, and how it's affected our entire week, planning, goals, and success :) This new perspective has made such a huge difference. I'm just so grateful for that meeting :)
We talked about the "vision" for bringing about the work of salvation in these Latter Days. I've just realized that it isn't only the missionaries job... but so much the members. We were saved for these latter days for a reason. Each of us was put here at this time for a purpose. The Latter Day Saints have a special purpose here on the earth. The culture of the church is changing, and we have to start individually in bringing about these changes. So... Family. Friends. Missionaries. EVERYONE. Start doing ALL you can to invite people to Christ. No matter what situation you are in. Whether all your neighbors and friends are members, or you're the only member for miles around. Start now to invite people to Christ. Look in the Bible Dictionary under Latter Day Saints, Mission Of (I'm pretty sure that's it... something like that :). It's not the role of the missionaries, but of all the Saints in these latter days to strive to bring others to Christ. So I just wanted to invite all of you to think about what you can do to be better about this in your life. I know I was pretty bad about it before I started my mission. Pretty content with where I was. But this is salvation on the line. And these really are our brothers and sisters. Each of us should be thinking of what more we can do :)
So set some goals and start working toward them. That's another big focus we've changed this week. Set goals that are attainable, but that will stretch you. Don't set goals that you know you can meet because you're already making them... that's not the purpose of a goal. But don't set an outrageous goal and do nothing to attain it. Set goals you know you can make if you do your part. And then DO YOUR PART. Look back on those goals every day or week. Look at how your doing, really think about all you can do to make those goals happen and what you're doing to prevent them from happening. And then change accordingly. Go forth with faith and do those things :) There's little growth in a comfort zone, and little comfort in a growth zone. So we should all be a little uncomfortable with this ;) But I KNOW that we will be blessed as we do this. The more we strive to do our part, the more success we will see. Just imagine if every member did something every day to find a missionary opportunity. To invite a friend or family member to come closer to Christ. The church would excel. The Lord's kingdom would multiply. This is what he expects of us in these latter days :)
And that doesn't come from my own ideas... that's mission president revelation right there. Straight from my notes from the meeting ;) This really is a wonderful time though. The gospel really is going forth to every land and nation. But we really can't do it without the help of every member :) So please start thinking now of what more you can do. Also.. do your family history work. Please :) We will be blessed and feel so much joy as we do this work for those who aren't able. Family History and temple work is such a great blessing :)

Also... TEMPLES. I am so excited about the temple open house starting this weekend. I get to be there almost every day, helping at the openhouse, answering questions, being at the temple :) I'm so excited. But it's so exciting for our mission, because this is such an amazing opportunity. Such an amazing chance for our friends and members to feel the spirit and to be inspired to come to the temple :)
Last night we had a "VIP" Open House night for any friends and less actives the missionaries wanted to invite. And we were able to come with them. We ended up driving down with a family.  It was a wonderful experience. Probably one of the best days of my life... made even better and more spiritual by the fact that it was a great fast Sunday :) But we drove down with them, and had such a wonderful visit. They were feeling the spirit of the temple SO STRONG. Wow it was amazing. So special to watch them as they had this experience. Especially in the celestial room. That part of the tour was silent, as we sat on the couches and chairs, and just soaked up the spirit there. They closed their eyes and sat in silent reverie, just feeling and meditating on the wonderful spirit there. They loved it. They even said they want to try to come back next week during the general open house :) Now we've just got to get them to where they can go through the temple for themselves :) :) . Really though, it was an AMAZING experience with them. They loved it so much and felt such a spirit. It was such a privilege to go there with them, to walk through and be able to talk about things with them after. They had such good questions.. I think the experience really got them thinking more about things. It was wonderful.
I feel so so blessed to be here at this time. I KNOW I came at the right time. Crazy to think that if I'd waited to leave in October, I'd barely be in the MTC. I wouldn't get here til the end of the open house. I wouldn't have had that wonderful evening with this family or had any of these wonderful experiences I've had in these 5 weeks here. I am so grateful to be here now. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world :)
I love this work with all  my heart. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the gospel, and for the wonderful knowledge I have. I'm so so grateful for the temple. The more i study it the more I'm overwhelmed with so much gratitude for it. Take advantage of having a temple close by and share those blessings with your ancestors too by making the effort to find them :)
I love you all so so much! As a wise recent convert (80 year old Marie-Claire who we visit each week) might say, moi je vous aime, mais le seigneur encore plus! (I love you, but the lord loves you even more) Haha she says this every visit ;)  But really though. The Lord loves you so much. Don't forget that :)
Have a great week and don't forget who you are and all the Lord expects of you. Never stop striving to be better and to become perfected as he is :)
Love you lots!
Soeur Heather Shelley :) :) :)

p.s. the other day Sister Beaumont commented on how I'm ALWAYS singing. How even when the song doesn't have words I find a way to sing along ;) haha just so you all know I'm still the same me... got to love singing :)

Getting my first ice cream of the season ;) This place is delicious. The other sisters have gone SO MANY TIMES ;)

                                                                 another picture for Nakita :) 

Dressed and ready to go  to the Montreal Temple 

hahaha this is the bag that a sweet recent convert gave us a bunch of bananas and apples in ;) she always gives us her super ripe bananas... in pad bags. Haha its hilarious ;)


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