Six months of loving Carter ♥

Carter and I are soon to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. SIX MONTHS of being married to my best friend. It's not too long, but time has flown by and every day I feel so grateful to be with my best friend. Every day has been an adventure :) 
In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd post pictures of our reception in January. 
We ended up having our reception a week after our reception. Getting married right before Christmas and the day after finals, we didn't want the stress of cramming everything in. It was the best decision. Our wedding day was simple yet so beautiful. The reception was exhausting enough even on its own! So I'm grateful we did things the way we did. 

Everything turned out beautifully. Here are just some of the details of the evening :)


Of course, the most important part of it all ♥


This was the greatest wedding surprise. Adina stayed with my family as an exchange student 4 years ago, and we always talked about her being here for my eventual wedding. When the wedding actually came, it wasn't going to work out for Adina to be there. But a few days before the reception, Adina and her brother, Pascal, came walking through my front door! It was such a blessing to have Adina here with us. 

Wheeler Farm.

We wanted a romantic, winter picnic-style atmosphere (see the pinterest inspiration at the end of the post). I had always planned for an outdoor summer wedding. But then Carter foiled that plan when we decided to get married sooner ;) My next venue choice after the outdoors was a barn. We hosted the reception at the Wheeler Farm activity barn, which provided the perfect atmosphere for what we wanted...

Hot cocoa bar, various pies, artisan bread, cheese, and grapes.

Mom and my aunt Michelle were the masterminds behind the evening. I am so grateful for all they did, especially as I was so busy with school and figuring out future married life. Everything turned out beautifully :)


This was definitely the highlight of the evening, and didn't last nearly long enough. There were lots of friendly faces, but all we wanted was to dance together :)

The Cake.

My amazing, talented sister Nakita made our wedding cake. I have never been one for the elaborate, expensive, frosting-covered cakes. We wanted something simple and tasty. Cheesecake was the obvious solution :)
Nakita built this beautiful cake, garnishing it with fresh sprigs of juniper and cranberries. She did an amazing job. 

Wonderful People.

Pinterest Inspiration...

See the rest of the wedding pics in our Adventure Begins post


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