Prague. Czech Republic.

Prague was beautiful. Breathtaking. So different from the places we'd been in Italy. Also so wonderful because it wasn't high 90s and humid. It was kind of like heaven in contrast with the heat of Italy. And oh was it a lovely city. I wouldn't mind returning there again :)

The train station headed to the Milan airport... tired and excited to move on from Italy to the next adventure :)

Our lovely place in Prague. Known by Nakita as the "naked house". So named because of the open shower located in the kitchen ;)

Small, but it had the necessities. I really did love this place :) The woman who owns it lived here with her husband and three children. That would be interesting....

Our first evening in Prague, exploring old town :)

The astronomical clock... gives a pretty cool presentation every hour.

A Czechian treat... 

Just need proof of all the places we've walked :)

Crazy. Flesh eating fish used to eat the dead skin off your feet. They had the people seated right in the window, fish munching on their dead skin. I'm not sure it's something I'd have liked to try... definitely an experience though!

Just sitting for a minute at the free outdoor concert.

Sisters, sisters.... never were there such devoted sisters :)

Day 2: exploring Prague.
The beautiful view of the beautiful city from Char

These cute little houses.. they made me think of my roommates. I really wanted to get one for our Christmas town scene of houses we put on our cardboard fireplace last year...

St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle.

I have the sweetest mommy. We saw this band playing in the courtyard near the Prague Castle... she was so reminded of her Grandpa that she couldn't help but cry. It was such a tender experience.

Another tasty treat... potato spun around a long stick... pretty tasty :)

Eating lunch at a Czech restaurant. We ate the most DELICIOUS Czech apple pie for dessert. Oh meine gute. It was amazing.

This is the basilica of Saint Peter and Paul, located at the Vysehrad fortress in Prague. We walked for quite a while to get to it. I expected something just like the other churches we'd already seen. But oh my goodness, we were very pleasantly surprised.

The interior was so amazing. Every surface was so elaborately decorated with different colors and patterns/images. Photos can't really portray and words can't say how elaborately breathtaking it was.

Prague was wonderful. Such a beautiful place. I'd definitely recommend it to the wandering traveler. Definitely a worthwhile addition to the bucket list :)


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