Venezia and Milano :)

Following Florence we headed to the beautiful city of Venice! It was another wonderful adventure, although Florence still holds my heart :) I'd recommend Venice as a romantic getaway... for a bunch of girls, however, I found it a little overrated for all the tourists there. Still an amazing place though :)

On the train headed to Venice. It was the most awful time getting to the train station... running to get their in time, while trying to carry my own bag as well as drag our newly acquired souvenir suitcase. I was dead after finally sitting on my beloved train seat.

Arrived in Venice, just outside of the train station. Already exhausted from less than a week of adventures, but excited for the next one :)

The Grand Canal in Venice :)


Amazing little canal streets... so much charm :)

Window boxes and shutters... oh how I love it :)

Sketching one of the canals on our first night in Venice. After running like crazy the first few days, it was nice to take some time to relax and sketch :) We were greatly in need of a break from the craze of the days previous.

The beautiful scene we got to sketch :)

Venetian masquerade goers!

The lovely place we stayed...we had the greatest windows we could sit in to enjoy the cool evening air. 

The beautiful Grand Canal... quite picturesque I think :)

Trying some Venetian masks for ourselves... They were so beautiful and detailed!

San Marco's church. This building was beautiful. So intricately detailed.

I LOVE the clothing and linens hung out to dry on the line. It just looks so... European :) Really though, there's something about this sight that just makes our hearts happy.
Headed from Venice to Milan... turtle shell bags! These things are such a pain to haul around, sometimes the best you can do is to just put them awkwardly on your back. I'll be glad to put these monsters away after these long 7 weeks...
We headed to Milan for what felt kind of like a layover... a couple hours in the city before staying overnight near the airport before our flight to Prague. It was a good adventure to get just a glimpse of the Cathedral and museum, though :) I'd definitely recommend stopping at least to see the amazing Duomo :)

The Duomo of Milan! This was such a spectacular piece of architecture. Wow, it is glorious. Especially after having studied it in Art History :)

Probably the most intricate Gothic interior I've ever seen. This building is such an inspiring piece of art. It took nearly 600 years to complete... which is hard to even comprehend. It is so massive and so awe inspiring to sit inside of its huge stone walls.

I just needed a picture of me touching that amazing stone wall... :)

I was amazed to find that the intricate pattern in the vaulted ceiling was actually painted to save money. This building was so full of amazing details and history!

Beautiful :)

So much beauty! Italy was definitely an amazing week. So full of so much. However, I was a little relieved when the time came to leave. It was so hot and so exhausting. It really is a wonderful place, though :) I'd definitely recommend stopping by on one's way through Europe ;)


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