Greenfield Park - March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016

Where to start??? This week has been crazy as we've worked to handle both areas... It was pretty hard to plan well, as we struggled to evenly meet the needs of both wards. We also had tons of meetings and zone training... so really there wasn't a whole lot of time for teaching... but it was great nonetheless! And I'm grateful for the experiences we had in our trio.
Transfer calls also came on Saturday night... I'm TRAINING!!! EEEEKKK!!! I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but also excited. I just hope my new missionary likes me :) It's just going to be crazy being in charge of the area... and it's overwhelming trying to fill in after all the love of Sister Dexter. I really love these people. But Tahitians just RADIATE love. And so I'm feeling a little inadequate to be the senior companion taking her place... but I know I'll just have to show my love in my own way. It should be good, though :) I am sad that Sister Dexter is leaving me, though. I love her so much... she's the cutest :) And we"ve had so many miracles this transfer. But I know she's needed in Fallowfield now, and she will continue to bless lives there. 
This week was pretty crazy, so we didn't get to teach a ton of lessons. Sandra is still amazing. I love her and it's amazing to see her progress so much! She studies and learns  so much from between each lesson, and reads so much.. I'm getting worried she's going to get overloaded and confused with all the information... so we need to help her focus on those basics. But she's awesome :)
Holy cow there are so many changes that come with being a missionary... but I really do have a strong testimony that every single change is so inspired. I know President Patrick is so in tune to know exactly what the Lord has planned for each area and each missionary. The spirit of revelation is so real and really is used to lead the Lord's work here and all over the world :) I'm moving again back to apartment #3, I'll be having companion #5, and still in my 2nd area and 6th month :) The changes definitely aren't always easy, but I really am so grateful for all these changes... they bring so much growth. I really am so grateful for each of these experiences I've had on my mission and continue to have. :)
Please keep me in your prayers though, as I want to be the best trainer I can be! I want to be an example and be full of love and charity, to help my new sister to be her best missionary self as well :) So just pray for us both. Pray for Sister Dexter in Fallowfield, for Sister Agapinan who is also training, and for all those we're working with :) Also pray for my driving because I won't have Sister Dexter to teach me how to drive anymore (seriously, I've felt like I was in drivers ed again with her ;) You're all in my prayers as well. I love you. Keep strong and remember that the Lord is always on our side as we turn to him and serve him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength :)
je vous aime mais le Seigneur encore plus!
Sister Heather Shelley :) :) :) :) :)


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