Greenfield Park - March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hello all!
So we are back into trio mode, with Sister Agapinan. She is darling… the cutest sister ever, so it's fun to work together. It is a little stressful, though, just trying to balance our work between the two wards. Two wards, ward councils, mission leaders, district leaders… it's a little crazy for the next 2 weeks. But I'm grateful for this experience and really do believe the Lord knows what he's doing. So here we go for a week of craziness and lots of miracles, I'm sure :)
Sandra has progressed so much this week. I'm amazed with her every time we meet with her. She is amazing. SO AMAZING. She's been reading so much, watching videos on the church website, learning so much about the gospel before we even have the chance to teach her. It's a little crazy, actually. I think she needs to just slow down a little so she can really learn and understand everything! But really, every time we meet with her or have a lesson, I'm just amazed. But this week was amazing. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she is so excited to change her life and start living it. She kept saying, "I know this is exactly what I need". She's really working to cut down her smoking, and we're really working with her to be prepared for her baptism this month. She's so excited… about her baptism and about the temple. She can't wait to go to the temple. This week she had an amazing experience. She was having dinner with her kids and husband. Her daughter (who is moved out), was asking a lot of questions about the church. I think she's pretty worried about the sudden changes in Sandra and worried about her getting brainwashed. UP to this point Sandra had questions of how she could get a testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration. But as she sat at dinner, she described that the most amazing feeling came over her. At that moment, she boldly testified to her family that she KNEW that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that the gospel was restored, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this was the true church. Her family was so amazed. Her daughter, Sam, started crying and gave her a big hug, saying how happy she was for her mom. Her entire family has seen such a difference in their mom. She is so happy now. It's amazing seeing the changes that have come into her life. She got up and started scrubbing down her entire house, started listening to MOtab all day, and smiling and laughing so much more. It's amazing the spirit that has entered her home. In the beginning she was so down, so sad, so hopeless about the life she'd lived. Now she can't stop smiling and laughing. There is a light that's started to radiate out of her. I just feel so humbled to be able to teach her at this time…. I can't wait to come back with our family to see her someday :) And it's more than just spiritual healing, as well. She has had really severe psoriasis--so extremely dry and irritated hands, legs, and face. Like really severe… but as the gospel has relieved the stress and pain inside of her, she has been physically healed as well. The psoriasis is still there and still healing, but it is so much better than the first time we met. It's amazing to see the Savior's miracle of healing both spiritually and physically in my own life. Miracles definitely continue to come to pass in the lives of those who have faith in him.

We're continuing to work with our other investigators, as well. We struggle to get a lot of them to progress and really want to seek the truth. We teach a group of older women (we call them our grandmas ;).. who are all friends and members of the same church. They have so much faith, and I really do look up to their examples so much. But it's really hard for them to see the need of the restoration of the gospel and see how it applies to their lives. Their names are Edith, Yvonne, Patricia, and Hyacinth. We've been working my whole time here to open them up more to the restoration and the Book of Mormon. They are progressing slowly. Patricia and Hyacinth read each week. They all accept the Book of Mormon as scripture but have a really hard time seeing how that then applies to the truth of the restoration. But we continue to work with them and strive to increase their faith in the Book of Mormon. 
We're trying to get back into meeting with Sangita again, too. She says every week that she's going to come to church, but then keeps getting sick or being busy. She has really severe anxiety, so has only ever come twice and has a really hard time. But she has such a strong testimony, and knows she needs to be baptized. So we continue to work with her. We're hoping to work with her son Cory, too. He's 22 and is a funny guy. He doesn't think he needs religion in his life, but Sangita said she saw him reading his Book of Mormon, so we're hoping to open him up a bit more :)

But I love all these people we teach so much. I love the members here, and I love my companions. I'm so nervous for transfer calls this weekend… I really hope Sister Dexter and I will both be able to stay in Greenfield Park together. I love her way too much to have to leave so soon :) And we really are seeings so many miracles together. It's cool, though. because we definitely have a lot of differences, but we have such a strong unity and love for each other as we've really striven to be obedient and serve the Lord with all our might mind and strength :) I love her! 
I love my mission, I love this work, I love the Lord so much :) I know that this is his work and I know that he is guiding us. He loves each of you so much and is waiting with open arms for each of us to humble ourselves and come unto him. I KNOW that this is true because I have felt it and experienced it in my life. He waits for each of us to experience that love and healing he brings :)

I love you all! Have a great week and don't forget about this little missionary in Canada :)
Soeur Heather Shelley :D

Trio mode: Sister Shelley, Sister Agapinan and Sister Dexter...


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