Greenfield Park - March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Bonjour tout le monde! :)
Well it's been quite the week... I have my new companion fresh from the MTC.... her name is Sister Prince, she's Canadian (from Alberta :) ) and is a joy to have around... I'm excited to keep getting to know her better and see us both grow. But she's already an awesome missionary. Her French accent is a lot better than mine when I arrived.. we've just got to do lots of practicing so she can keep Learning in a French area.
But where to start for the week??
We had a crazy day of dropping off Sister Dexter at the Montréal bus station, then heading to the mission office for a little trainer training and then to get our lovely companions. Did I mention that Sister Agapinan and I are both training? Pretty fun :) And then we wandered in a couple circles around Montréal before Learning how to get on the bridge to go home... It's taking some time to get used to no longer having my gps with me all the time (Sister Dexter)... she knew the area so well and always told me exactly where to go. It's hard when I have to pull over to look at the map after every street^... but we're doing well so far :)
After picking up Sister Prince, we had planned to pass by Audrey to see if we could have a lesson or set up another lesson. Instead, a disgruntled woman answered the door (I think a family member). After saying Audrey wasn't home, she asked who we were. She wasn't too happy to hear that we were missionaries and had been meeting with Audrey. She angrily told us in her beautiful Quebecois that Audrey wasn't interested anymore, and that if we tried to come by again the police would be involved. So that was really sad... and quite the experience for Sister Prince's first missionary experience. We just don't know exactly what to do, because I really think it's just the family who don't want us coming over. Audrey was so excited about the gospel and so open! So we don't want to just disappear without her knowing why we didn't stop by :( So that's pretty crazy.. maybe pray for Audrey's family to be a little bit more open. Because she is so prepared to learn about the gospel!
Luckily from there the rest of Sister Prince's first couple of days have gone fairly well :) She met Sandra... so of course that makes everything better. We have reset Sandra's baptism for April 23, and she is SO EXCITED. I know she'll be ready by then :) She's just working to get over smoking right now... but she is doing so well! She has progressed so much since teaching her the Word of wisdom just a few weeks ago... oh how I love her!
It's been a good week. I feel really blessed to have felt so strongly the love that our Savior has for each of his children in this area. I felt pretty inadequate as Sister Dexter was preparing to leave. I hope everybody gets the opportunity at some point in their life to feel the love of a tahitian. It's pretty powerful :) Sister Dexter has so much love, and I felt kind of inadequate asked to take the lead in this area, worrying about how I could fill the huge place she's had in everyone's heart. But this week was amazing. We had several lessons with less active members, where I just felt the most overwhelming love for those people. I really do feel the Lord filling my capacity so I can love and care for these people. I really do love these people SO MUCH. I'm no Tahitian, but I am doing my best to help these wonderful people feel the love I have for them. And I know the Lord is helping me along the way :)
But life is good. The work continues to move forward, and miracles keep coming. I love you all and wish you a happy Easter. Please please please Watch the ''hallelujah'' video on it's so powerful and is a message all the world needs to hear :) I invite everyone to share the video as well... with everyone you can think of! Share it on Facebook, share the pass along cards with people you meet... we should all do our best to share this joyful and hopeful message of our Savior Jesus Christ :)
I love you all and wish you a week of miracles and sunshine!
Sœur Heather Shelley :)

 Heather and Brother Legacee ( Years ago he served as a missionary  in my mom's and Grandma and Grandpa Burton's ward )

Heather is really going to miss Sister Dexter..."I hope everybody gets the opportunity at some point in their life to feel the love of a tahitian. It's pretty powerful :)

                                           Heather and her new companion, Sister Prince

Three of my favorite people

A joyous reunion with Sister Beaumont!! 


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