Miracles in Greenfield Park - February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

First of. sorry for not emailing very much last week.. we went into Montreal with some of the other sisters and didn't end up getting back early enough to finish emails. And sorry it's coming so late today... our P-day is tomorrow because we're going to the temple. We're supposed to do emails today, still... we just got caught up at one of our members. A wonderful African family... we got stuck because they decided to feed us delicious food after we'd already made cookies and had a lesson to do.... crazy! But here I am :)
But... this week has been so full of miracles. Oh meine gute.... First off... SANDRA. She is AMAZING! This week we met with her twice. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration... The moment we set a baptismal date with her, she excitedly took down her calendar to write it down. She has read TONS in the Book of Mormon, and loves it so so much. She came to church yesterday and LOVED it. She had been so nervous before, and apparently almost called us to cancel. But she came and was so grateful. She loved each of the classes so much, asking if she could have all the different manuals and her own hymn book so she can learn the songs at home. It was such a special experience to sit beside her in the chapel during Sacrament meeting. She kept whispering that it just felt different here. That she felt something so much larger than herself, something she'd never felt before. She felt the spirit so strongly, and felt so much happiness. This morning we talked to her on the phone. She said she was up last night looking at the church website, looking at mormon messages and the 12 step program (she found it herself!) We have barely mentioned the word of wisdom and she's already started working to stop her smoking. She is absolutely AMAZING. I love that woman so much :)
Also... Faith came to church too! I don't know how long it's been for her. And she came with her mom and sister.. who I had never met. Her sister hasn't come in years either I think. It was absolutely amazing. Miracles are so real :)
Another miracle is Audrey :) We had stopped by her house a few weeks ago, trying to find a former investigator who used to live there. Audrey lives there now, but invited us to come back. So we taught her for the first time today. She is darling. In her 20s and has two kids. We ended up teaching the plan of salvation, and she was so excited about it. She was baptized into another church when younger, but as soon as we invited her to baptism with the priesthood authority, she accepted our invite. We get to come back again in just two days!
I don't know why, but so many blessings and opportunities are just pouring down right now. Sister Dexter and I really feel so humbled and just so grateful. I am SO HAPPY :) Every day is so exciting because we don't know what miracles are going to keep coming. Time really is flying by too.
I really do love this work with all my heart, and I KNOW that it is the Lord's work. He really does guide his missionaries as we do our best to serve and do his will. I love my Savior so much. I am so grateful for the knowledge and testimony I'm gaining of his gospel. I know his gospel is true and I am so happy to be sharing it with the people here. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK :) I know miracles are real, and the Lord really does have a hand in every day of our lives.
I invite everyone to really search for his hand each day. If we really invite him into our lives and show our desire to follow him, we really will see his hand guiding us along :)
moi, je vous aime, mais le Seigneur encore plus. N'oubliez jamais de ca! :)
avec amour,
Soeur Heather Shelley :D :D :D

Heather is the designated driver in their companionship.She needs lots of prayers in her behalf. 

SOOOOOO Cold!!!!

                                                                Old town Montreal



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