Greenfield Park May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016

Summer is here! Hopefully... we finally have some warmth. And suddenly it's so hot. Québec is pretty humid... I'm hoping for a lovely farmer's tan by the end of the summer ;)  It's crazy that summer is almost here though... so many great missionaries are preparing to go home, and it just reminds me how much I have to make the most of my entire mission, and really love this work. It flies by so much faster than I ever imagined :) But I really do love every day of it... I think being a missionary has made me even more optimistic than I was before my mission. I just love being a missionary :)

Today we went to the Planitarium with our district... which was pretty cool. They have the star show there, and it was amazing to learn more about our universe and the stars... what amazes me, though, is how perfectly our knowledge of God works perfectly into all of this. While so many claim that science can't support religion, I feel like the more I learn about Science, the stronger my testimony becomes :)

Yesterday we had a service project in Montréal... an interfaith city clean up where we went around the city in different groups, cleaning up litter, planting flowers, just making things nice :) All the missionaries in our stake were there, as well as some other members, and it was pretty cool to work together with so many people of so many cultures and religions. But great as we all worked together with this common cause. It was also cool to be able to talk with people there. As we were getting ready to take the metro back to Longueuil, there was a girl that we stopped to say hi to. We ended up talking for just a few minutes, but she ended up telling me that she'd recently started coming back to her faith and started praying again. So of course we told her what we do as missionaries, and she agreed to give us her information so we can come teach her! I'm not sure if she's in our area, but I'm so excited for her to be able to meet with missionaries :) It's amazing how the Lord really does prepare people and put them in our path :)

Yesterday was just our service day... we have a couple old women friends who we do service for... and we'd planned to mow 4 lawns... it was so hot and we'd already been working outside since 9 am... we were so dead. And looking pretty baked by the end of the night (and we only got 2 of the lawns done)... I felt kind of bad for Sister Love who we ate dinner with after... we were just so drained. (And probably not looking or smelling the best ;) Quite a crazy day..
We also had exchanges with our STLs in Montréal this week. I was with Sister Shaver... who is a great sister. We lived together when I first came to this area :) It's always nice to learn from other sisters and meet new people. And to release some of the stresses of being in our area :) We did lots of walking, too, which was nice :)
It really motivated Sister Prince and I to search even harder for new investigators... and potential is coming! We're slowly finding to find English speakers that we'll hopefully be able to teach. So that's exciting :)
Really, I just love this area so much. I love my companion. I'm getting pretty nervous with transfers in just a few weeks. But I know I've been grateful for every transfer call before now, and always know it's what I needed. Although that doesn't stop me from praying I'll stay here with Sister Prince. :)
Life is great. Missionary work is great. We're still working hard... trying to find new friends,,,. Please keep us all in your prayers as we pray for you as well. I know there is power in prayer :) Keep praying for your own opportunities to be missionaries. I know the Lord really does bless us with opportunities as we actively look for people we can bring closer to him, and pray for guidance of how we can do so. This is his work and his glory, and we've all covenanted to help him in this work :)
I love you and wish you the best of weeks!
all my love,
Sister Shelley

**I had asked Heather if she was still studying French and speaking it even though she was currently in an English speaking area.
 She replied " Yeah, we try to speak French. It's hard since Sister Prince hasn't served in a French area and isn't too comfortable with it... so it's hard to keep speaking French together. And that's hard when we're so close and just have so much we want to say, and it's a lot easier in French (It really amazing how close we are... we were laughing about it last night.. because even after being together litteraly every moment, oftentimes we find ourselves talking for the rest of the night after planning... I really feel so blessed to have a companion that feels so much like a sister. But French is great. I can get by okay with my french, but it's definitely not fluent :) We do study each day though, which is good :) And we still contact people in French typically. And I try to speak French in public, even places where I know people speak English too :) Also sometimes I'll speak french with our elders... Hopefully I'll serve French again sometime so I can really improve it :) But I'm hoping to have another transfer with Sister Prince.

                              At the temple! Sister Beaumont and I finally got to go together :)

On exchange with Sister the fancy orange juice place:)

                                       Our healthy fridge! We're trying so hard to be good! :)

                                                           I just LOVE Sister Prince!

Yay for beautiful flowery trees! :D

                                               Service Project.! We cleaned up this nice alleyway.

                                                                    The Olympic Stadium.

                                                            At the Planetarium with our district.

                                     The cool star show...we even got to lay on bean bags :)


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