Greenfield Park - May 9, 2016 Miracles Are Real!

May 9, 2016

Sorry I'm not writing too much today since we had Skype… but I will tell you about the last Monday end-of-p-day miracle :)
We had finished everything, and our dinner appointment had canceled. So our backup plan was to go to the church and eat  some of our newly purchased groceries. But all of the elders in the area were there playing soccer. And we can't be alone at the church with them. So we decided to go to Timmy's instead… so as we're driving we saw 'Brossard's Bagels" and decided we'd try it out. The owner, John, ended up talking to us, and asking all about what we did as missionaries. Then the other woman near us also joined in the conversation. We had an awesome conversation about God and about what we do as missionaries. So we ended up giving them both a book of mormon, and they both gave us their number. John's already practically a member.. he was talking about how he stopped smoking and drinking after learning about God. And the woman… is neighbors with a family in our ward! I actually met her when we were there for new years eve just days after getting to this area.. and she actually remembered me. They both really opened up. It was quite the miracle. None of us had planned to be there that day. It was John's day off, but he'd decided to come in to check on things… and she had decided to come last minute to see if they had her favourite dish. MIRACLES ARE REAL :) Now just pray they become investigators :)
Miracles are so real… that's definitely something I'M learning as a missionary :)
But I love you all and wish you the best of weeks. Remember who you are and know that moi je vous aims, maid le Seigneur encore plus!
Bonne Semaine!
Soeur Shelley :)

                                                                       All  Matchy:D

The baptism book we made for Sandra , with pictures and notes from everyone there:)

Love her!! :D

Sister Prince! :D

                                                Lookin so the huge XL sweat pants :)


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