LONGUEUIL July 4, 2016 Robert's baptism and a new mission president!!

July 4, 2016

Robert got baptized this week! What a wonderful experience for him and for us... he really is the most amazing miracle. 73 years old and Quebecois. He's got tattoos on his arms and has spent time in prison... one of the least likely people, I'd think, to accept the gospel. But he's absolutely amazing. He was just glowing after his baptism.... I feel so blessed that I came here just in time to help teach him and prepare him for his baptism. He's really the cutest man ever, and so sweet. So sincere... he always describes "le grand chaleur" when he prays and when he first met the missionaries... that "chaleur" was so powerful for him when he was baptized, and then when he received the holy ghost on Sunday. I'm so proud of him and so happy for him... and just can't wait to see him continue to endure. To receive the priesthood and start going to the temple... we're so blessed that the temple is right in our area. Right by our chapel..... the one temple in all of Quebec and our members and amis are able to see it EVERY Sunday. We definitely have to count our blessings :)
We had the privilege of going to the temple last Tuesday, too. We're so blessed... the temple is right in our area. less than 10 minutes from our home... we met up with Sister Lonas (who we lived with in Mascouche), who had to drive over 2 hours with a member. We've just got to take advantage of these blessings while serving here in lovely Longueuil. Sometimes we covet assignments in the beautiful Chicoutimi or Rimouski... but really, I don't think there could be a greater blessing than to be so close to the temple :) 
Besides that, things have been so crazy I don't even know what to share. Lots of lessons, lots of plans that fall through. Lots of service. We've got a ton of less - actives that we're working with... but it's great that we have so many that sincerely want to change and come back. We're working to find more friends though, but struggling to find time for it all. Our days are so packed... But we're happily singing as we go along :)
Also, we officially have a new mission president! President Philips got here last week. We're excited to work with him and see what new miracles are to come. I remember when I first came on my mission they stressed the fact that we were selected specifically for our mission president, and he for us. What a blessing that we get to learn from two mission presidents. It's kind of a weird transition, and definitely was hard for the Patricks to leave, but we're excited for all that's to come ;)
Anyways, I love you all and wish you the best of weeks. Stay strong and make good choices. I love you, but most importantly I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, loves you. I know he suffered all we suffer, and felt all of our joys as well so he could help and support us in all we face. He is always there. I'm so grateful for the love and grace he offers us, that we can always strive to become like him. I'm grateful for our loving Heavenly Father, who loved us so much that he allowed his son to come to earth. I know he loves us perfectly. And waits with open arms for us to come and feel his love. I'm grateful for the power of the spirit, which allows us to feel his love. Which allows us to feel and experience the power of Christ's Atonement. That allows each of us to be purified and sanctified as we live worthy of this spirit. I'm grateful for all the blessings our Father so lovingly offers. I love you and am  grateful for each of you. You're all in my prayers and I hope all is well. Please just remember that moi, je vous aime, mais le Seigneur ENCORE PLUS! :)
avec tout mon coeur,
Soeur Shelley

Today we were invited to go Strawberry picking with our bishop's family. It was so fun! I realize now how much the missionaries appreciate being invited over... really so fun to spend time with a family and just have fun times together :) It was so lovely... and then when we were about to leave, they insisted we stay for a quick bbq... so that was wonderful. I haven't had hamburgers in forever.... it really was so pleasant. It's so nice and toasty, too.... just about kills me every time we drive past the huge river with a bunch of boats in it and I just want to jump in! But I'm enjoying the summer even without those activities :)
Speaking French is good... it's nice being with Sister Beaumont because we speak French a lot more together, and I can get a lot more practice. It was easy for Sister Prince and I to get frustrated when we tried to practice together, and hard to be motivated when we taught in English. But I'm trying to profit from my time with Sister Beaumont :) Praying we'll get another transfer together after this one... this transfer is just flying by. I swear they go faster and faster... I'm just trying to make the best out of this time I have as a missionary... 10 months is coming up in just a few days! Man time flies...
keep having fun times and loving each other :) I love you lots and lots
Heath :)
ps... how is your family mission plan going? Any updates or cool missionary experiences this week? 
love you!

                                                                          Canada Day

                                                                Planning Robert's Baptism

Robert's BAPTISM!!!! Doesn't he look wonderful! Love him so much :) :) :)

Jello slurping contest... oh goodness me. We may have slurped up almost all of this in just about a day.... EEk!

                                                           Berry Picking...Soooo fun!!! :D


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