LONGUEUIL July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

What a wonderful week. And what wonderful weeks to come. We are seeing miracles, and we're working to get them. Sister Beaumont and I will be together another transfer, and I'm so excited.

These last few weeks we've gotten a lot of trainings and other inspiring moments to really raise our vision. We had some good exchanges with other sisters. We've had success with our less actives. We're working hard to find new people, and have found more potential investigators. We are  really motivated with French and are determined to speak a lot more. And have been speaking together  all the time. We realize that this time together is a time that we really need to work hard. We are blessed with a wonderful friendship. We work really well together, get along, and are able to plan and teach so well. So we can let this be a point where we settle down and get content where we are, or, we can let it be blast off time and help each other push forward and become even more. 

So we've decided to do the latter. We set some awesome goals for this transfer and for our whole missions. We realized that we have this idea sometimes of what we want to learn, be, or become on our missions. But it's so easy each day of your mission to push off goal setting and not really push yourself. You can do the minimum and still do great things. 3 hours of scripture study, gospel lessons all day, praying 20 times a day. Not too bad in and of itself. But if we really want to become who the Lord sees us becoming by the end of our mission, there is so much more we can do. We have to push above the minimum, and do all we can to become his disciples. That's when we become consecrated missionaries. And that's where we really feel the joy, too :) So we realized we had all these ideas, and yes we've learned a lot so far. But before you know it you've got less transfers left than you've done. Before you know it your trainer has only 3 transfers to go... now's the time to star blast :) 
So after some humbling and down moments, we're ready to shoot forward. Don't think that all is smooth sailing and we're just sailing by. We definitely had those hard and humbling moments that have led us to get this perspective. (we're still working on humility... the Lord's going to get tired of compelling us to be humble) But we do have some good goals and I'm just excited to see where this transfer goes :) So pray for Sister Beaumont and I. We're just going to try to do our best :) 

Also, we had fun being innovative to use our talents this week. We ended up jazzing up some hymns and singing at a piano on one of the main streets here.. so fun. And good contacting :) Always trying to be creative.
Love you all!


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