LONGUEUIL June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

This week I was hit by how quickly time flies by as a missionary... I feel like I just arrived to Greenfield Park, but then everyone was saying how lucky it was that I got to serve there for so long... and then I realized I was there for half a year! Quite a chunk of time... it's just crazy how much the time flies by when you're a missionary. I hit my 9 month mark this week.. half way. It's just crazy because I still feel like a new missionary...

Things have been crazy this week... lots of stuff we've gotten to do, and I've gotten to meet lots of new people. This ward is amazing. I'm really excited to work here... it's a really amazing example of how members and missionaries can work together in the Lord's work. I definitely feel my vision being raised. It really is amazing :) So it will be exciting to be able to keep working here. There's definitely lots of craziness, too. I'm definitely excited to be a sister training leader, because I know there are lots of new experiences to come... definitely lots of growth and learning. And I really am excited. But there's also a lot of added stress and responsibility.. you suddenly have to worry about a lot more than just your the people in your area and your companion. We're constantly working to know how we can help all the teams in our zone, and even the mission as a whole. I really just feel so blessed that I'm with Sister Beaumont, though. It's been so fun these few days :) And it's a relief that I already know my way around the area (Not sure if I mentioned, but our area is a part of the same geographical area as greenfield park ward). So it takes off a lot of the stress knowing that I already love my companion and know how to get places :) Especially because we've had some stress trying to help other teams, so it's a huge blessing that we work so well together.

I think it's also fun because I see how much we've both grown as missionaries since Mascouche :) We've both blossomed a lot I think... and it's just beautiful to see our increased unity and ability to teach by the spirit together. Things were really starting to blast off when I left Mascouche, and now I feel like we're able to pick up our companionship and unity even higher than it was before. So that's so great. And really it's just such a joy. I forgot how much I love Sister Beaumont. It's fun to see how much I feel I've grown since we were companions... I feel like I can be myself even more than at the beginning of my mission, but that self has grown, too. But things are great here in Longueuil :) 
It really is just the greatest blessing though... because it was so hard for me to leave Greenfield Park. Those people really had stolen my heart. To leave all the ward members, Sandra, Sister Prince... so many people I love SO MUCH. But I've definitely seen so many tender mercies as I've gotten to come to this new area. And I'm really just trying to trust in the Lord and his plan... because I was heartbroken to leave Mascouche. I really didn't want to go to a trio in an English area. Every transfer I was sad to leave companions, and now to go here... It was so hard for me to switch out of my English tag back to French... just so many things that I realize afterward were so inspired. I know the Lord knows where I need to serve. Where I need to be. So I'm just trying to humbly and willingly submit to whatever he has planned for my mission and my life in general... because I know there's only bigger and better things to come :)

"So trusting my all to thy heavenly care, and knowing thou lovest me... I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord". I've definitely come to love that song as a missionary. It's definitely so true. I know the Lord loves each of us. I know he knows what's best. If not I wouldn't leave everything to serve him. I wouldn't leave all the things I love to come to a foreign country, to learn a new language and culture, with people I didn't know. But it's absolutely amazing to see how much more he can make of us as we do submit our will to his. More joy and happiness than I'd ever before experienced... stronger love and a more powerful feeling than I'd ever imagined :) Honestly I love being a missionary. I love seeing what the Lord can do with us as we really let him lead our lives. I love seeing the little miracles every day.

My invitation this week is to look for those little miracles. Those tender mercies, and look for the amazing blessings you've seen as you've let him guide you. And then think of how you can give your will a little more. I know that he will lead us along :)
I love you all so much. I wish you the best of weeks :)
Sister Heather Shelley

                                        LOTS OF GOODBYES as I left Greenfield Park.

                                                           Saying goodbye to Sandra     

                                                              Sandra, Me and Sister Prince

Me with TWO of my best companions ever...Sister Beaumont and Sister Prince. Now I'm back serving  with Sister Beaumont. Mission transfers  are full of surprises.

                                                                  Sister Beaumont and me.
She  was my trainer when I first arrived in Canada and now we are going to serve together again as Sister Training Leaders.


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