a new blog.

I've made a new blog.
I guess for a while I've been wanting to create a new blog. One that was more personalized and looked more legit than my blogspot blog I made in 9th grade. I guess I just keep finding new blogs I like reading and keep wishing I blogged as often as they do and that I had a blog that looked more like a "real" blog. I love to write. And I guess having a blog is kind of an outlet for that since I otherwise don't get very many opportunities to do so. I guess I feel like creating a new blog will encourage me to start a new history of blogging, where I blog more often. I want my blog to be a regular thing I do, rather than just randomly deciding to post every couple months. So here goes nothing to my new-found desire to be a blogger!
Why blog?
Like I said before. I love to write. I want to write more. As I write essays for my classes and read books, articles, and other blogs, it makes me want so much more to write more for myself. My blog is kind of like a journal when I actually think to post on it. I secretly feel cool when I come up with new philosophies and ideas that I can post on my blog. I love to share my thoughts and impressions, but at the same time I'm pretty shy. I don't just go around yelling out my thoughts to everyone. And it's just easier for me to express things in writing... speaking sometimes makes it harder to get my point across, whereas with writing I can sit here on my bed and think about my words, forming them exactly how I want before they get published and actually told to people. With writing I can actually ensure that what I'm saying is all things I want to be said and heard.
So here is my new blog. It is my hope that I really will make it more of a habit to post often and about anything and everything. Yes, it may be my dream to have a blog with a thousand followers and a hundred people visiting each day... but obviously my blog won't be like that now. Quite probably it won't ever. But the least I can do is to write this for myself, as it is really and truly an outlet for myself and for my own emotions. So if only for my own self, here I start a new blog.


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