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Yesterday was a very long Saturday... and I spent probably a few hours more on Pinterest than I should have. But in my defense, I usually pin things I plan to use in the future (mostly home decor, cooking, and wedding stuff)... so it's really not too much of a waste of time, right? :) Just watch me never move out or get married... all that pinning would be in vain. That would be sad... and a waste of time.
But as I was sitting here bored yet again and not wanting to resort to time-wasting on Pinterest, I thought, "why not blog about Pinterest?" There really are a few things I really wanted to share... so I guess I will :)
Mostly, I just wanted to share this... how cute is this? I can't wait to have a front door to my own home when I've got my own household... what could be better to invite in some springtime cheer? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much :)

Here's the blog it originally came from... I just love it :)

While I'm at it, I figured I might as well go ahead and post a few more pins I found yesterday... these things all make me so excited to have my own little home :) I hope someone else can get the same enjoyment out of these lovely things as I did...

This one... is so lovely. In so many ways. It makes me so eager to have my own farm style decorated home, but also to make my own homemade jams and other canned things... it just looks so homey! :)
This one comes from an awesome Norwegian blog....

I want lots and lots of fresh flowers in my future home! They just add so much life and freshness and, well, homey-ness to the home :) 
This one comes from the blog automatism

I just want a home that looks homey. I don't want a home that's perfectly shining and all pearly white all the time, with everything closed up and hidden away. I want it to look like people actually live there.. with boots by the door and some dirt on the floor. Yes I want it to look nice and I want it to be clean... but I never want people to be afraid to have fun or to feel like they can't let loose there :)

So there you have so of my greatest homey Pinterest finds this weekend... I'm sure there will be tons more to follow. This all just makes me so excited to have my own home someday though! :) I know Pinterest likes to glam things up, and that reality won't be quite so picture perfect... but I can at least let myself dream while I think of all the lovely things I'd like in my future home :)


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