Some things I learned this week. :)

-Garlic bread is so good. So is spaghetti when the sauce is made right. Not so much the packaged icebergy lettuce mixes though..
-Making my bed makes me feel good. I don't know why it took me til moving down to school to realize it was an enjoyable thing ;). Having freshly cleaned bedding is also nice. :)
-Biology tests can be scary. It helps to read your textbook for each lecture rather than trying to read and absorb it all the day before the test. blegh.
-I really like blog stalking.. I could do it for hours. I find it interesting that I've only recently discovered this interest. But oh is it entertaining.. I don't even know why. It's especially great reading stories about how couples met... I guess I just like reading about other people's happy ever afters.. :)
-I should Pinterest less.
-I LOVE learning the guitar. Why didn't anyone ever tell  me how fun it is?
-I am SO glad that it is Friday :) it's been a busy week..
-Oh, and flip flops are great. I've missed them the last few months... so I just HAD to wear them today. Those things are like my best friend :)
-Homemade bread cooking smells soo good. I want my dinner to be done cooking already.
-Life is so great.... even when you've got tests and meetings and Relief Society dinners and everything else going on. I'm so grateful to be alive :)


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