a (kind of) rainy saturday morning.

 Weekends typically include a lot of cooking on my part... it's tasty and makes me feel more productive with me time :) So this Saturday morning I set out to make our French crepe recipe.. This recipe is legitimately French. From no other than our good French friend Jacques Rivet... these are authentic Bretagne crepes... they make me almost feel like I'm back in France again! :)

The way the Rivets taught us to serve our crepes is with brown sugar and fresh lemon juice on top... it is so fresh and light! So that's what I put on these... although sometimes we make other sauces or put fruit on them... I'm pretty sure you could put anything on a crepe and have it taste wonderful :)

250 g. farine ( about 1 c. flour)
.5 liter lait ( abt 1 1/8 c. milk)
3 oeufs (eggs)
1 Tbps l'huile (oil)
1 pinch sel (salt)

Make a "volcano" with the flour, then add the eggs, oil, and salt. Mix together. Add the milk slowly, little pours at a time so the batter won't be lumpy. Whisk a lot very briskly. Or blend in the blender (that seems to work best for getting lumps out :). [I've always had a hard time with the little clumps of flour... (which I keep spelling flower by the way). I think adding the milk bit by bit helps to solve that problem though :) ]. Allow the pan to heat up for a few minutes (on medium heat), then pour batter in and make your crepes :) The recipe makes 9 or 10 plate-sized crepes for me, but you can do them bigger or smaller. ENJOY! :)

also, I just wanted to share my darling cup.... I got this from the DI before moving down to school. I love it so much... the DI can be so great!

 I also had to show the cute wreath that Daina and I (mostly Daina) made for our room... we found this UP inspired idea off Pinterest. I think it turned out quite nicely :)

One more thing... I stumbled across this blog today. It's called Just Delightful and that it is. I found this post called Dishes and it kind of struck a chord I guess... Everyone should go and read it. :) It made me realize that we really do put trivial things like doing dishes in front of the things that matter most to us. Too often we find ourselves constantly doing dishes and cleaning and whatnot and forget to spend time with the people we love. I loved where she said:
"Let me tell you, dishes are dishes. They will be there tomorrow, (house fairies don't fancy cleaning such things) but other most special people, precious time and wonderful experiences may not be there tomorrow. There are always piles of things to love and celebrate that are always infinitely more important than a pot with a little burnt rice on the bottom.  And you are of great worth. No matter how many cake pans are in there-Or no matter how many spoons are left in the drawer. Your Heavenly Father loves you with an infinite love and it is never, ever determined by a silly sink of dishes-or whatever the leftover "dishes" of your own life may be."

I just thought that was great and so true. We all need to focus a little less on the "leftover dishes" in our life and focus more on what counts! :)

Also. (I'm trying to condense lots of things into one post because it seems I've been posting a little too excessively recently :). Institute on Wednesday in my Miracle of the Atonement class. I won't go into too much detail about that, but I will say that it was great as usually. Our teacher had us listen to this talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, "The Challenge to Become". Click the link and read or listen to the whole talk. :) It just opened my eyes to the fact that our "evaluation" when we reach Heaven won't be a check list. Our judgment won't be determined by a list of things we did or didn't do, but by what we BECOME during this life. It is the constant and continual effort to do better and become more like our Father in Heaven. 
I loved a parable that Elder Oaks shared. He talked of a wealthy father who had a large inheritance to give to his child. He said, 
"All that I have I desire to give to you- not only my wealth, but also my position and standing among men. That which I have I can easily give you, but THAT WHICH I AM YOU MUST OBTAIN FOR YOURSELF. You will qualify for your inheritance by LEARNING WHAT I HAVE LEARNED and by LIVING AS I HAVE LIVED. I will give you the laws an principles by which I have acquired my wisdom and stature. Follow my example, mastering as I have mastered, and you will become as I am, and all that I have will be yours."
Our Heavenly Father wants to see us return to him. He wants to give us all of his eternal gifts. He wants us to live with him forever. But we must do our part by becoming what he wants us to become. We must strive to become as he is. Humble. Charitable. Obedient. EVERYTHING that he is. We aren't here to pick and choose which commandments we will follow, or to say that we are mostly obedient. Heavenly Father doesn't pick and choose who and how he will be. We need to be exactly obedient, be fully converted, and do everything we can to BECOME LIKE HIM. It isn't enough to say you are being "good enough" or only doing a couple "minor things". Is our Heavenly Father only "good enough"? I don't think so... he's perfect. Perfectly loving and patient and kind and understanding. So we need to strive to be the same. :)
So yeah, everyone should read that talk and highlight it up real nice! Because it's grrrrreeattt! :)

Oh and one more irrelevant side note. My roommate Kenzie eats strawberries with chop sticks. Hehe, just thought the world should know ;). (or just all two people who read my blog:)

Also, everyone should read "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage. It is so good and so interesting to read about the life of Christ the way this book is laid out.. I got it for Christmas and am slowly reading some each night. I'd recommend it! :)



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