farewell, Savanny :)

Well, Savanna has left into the MTC as of today. She's officially a full time missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints... and she is going to do so well. It's going to be over two years before I see that lovely girl again (unless by chance I go to her mission and we're companions... that would be AWESOME :). Seeing as that likely won't happen, I will most definitely miss her. I'll miss that friend I can just talk to for hours and have the time of my life doing nothing else. Savanna's the best friend I could have asked for in junior high and high school.. she put up with all my rambling about boys and school and life in general... and she was such a good friend through it all. I'll definitely miss those long talks on her bed, our inside jokes that made absolutely no sense at all, and doing yoga together when everyone else is playing "zombies" or "killer sardines". I'll miss her example to me and her almost motherliness that keeps me on the straight and narrow :) It's weird saying goodbye to her, but I am SO excited for her. She is going to be an AMAZING missionary... I have no doubt about that at all. She's been my role model ever since we met. Her testimony is so strong. She is so loving and Christlike.I'm so grateful to have had her as my best friend and for all the support and advice she's given me through the years ;)

I can't say how excited I am for her and how lucky the people of Italy are to have her teach them the gospel.  She will do great to say the least... look out Italy, here comes the greatest missionary you'll ever have! :)


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