scripting joy.

Why the blog name?
Scripting joy?
Honestly, I'm not totally sure. When I got my other (first) blog I thought it was weird to have a blog. My best friend Savanna had a blog and she for some reason convinced me to make one of my own. We brainstormed for quite some time about a blog title and finally came up with one- To Kiss a Frog. It was kind of random I thought, but I also kind of liked it. I was inn 9th grade- 15, going on 16 years old. To Kiss a Frog seemed like something kind of relatable to me at that time. My blog title made me think of the quote "before you meet your handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of toads!"Who knew how long it would be till I had my own first kiss? I also felt like my life was full of drama over the guys I liked and those who liked me... it was all overwhelming having to make such important decisions so early in life! Who knew, they might have all turned out to be toads under the surface, and all my conversations about which I should like and bla bla bla would have been all for nothing. It was obviously a very trying time in my life. So yes, the blog title, random as it seemed, felt like it fit how things were for me at the time.
But why my title now? Well honestly, I googled how to come up with a good and clever blog title. I heeded one website's advice and brainstormed what I wanted the purpose of my blog to be, and then thought of words that described that. I thought of my desire to write, to express my joy and to spread that to others around me. I searched in the thesaurus synonyms of the word write, as well as joy and happiness, and some other words. I experimented by putting different word combinations together and finally settled on this one. Scripting Joy. 
It doesn't totally flow, and people might not immediately read it and think "oh! what a brilliant blog title!" But it works for me and the purpose of my blog. So many people lack true joy in their lives. Some suffer with depression or other ailments that keep them from being happy much of the time. Some people are totally chemically balanced, yet they still can't manage to find joy. I'm no expert at life, but I am happy and I feel that I am able to find a positive outlook in most of what I do. So why not have a blog focused on that one thing? JOY. What could be a better cause than I joy? What can I do more than simply showing people how and why I find so much joy in my own life? My life isn't perfect. It has its struggles. I have my weaknesses and I have my down moments. BUT I LOVE LIFE. And I honestly don't think that's simply a coincidence that I have a more positive chemical makeup. I am happy because I choose to be happy. I choose joy even when it doesn't seem easy, or when it seems easier to be upset. I choose joy because it's easier than holding a grudge against someone I love or missing out on a positive experience. Why would someone not want to choose joy?
So this is why I chose the blog title scripting joy. Because I want to give joy a script. Scripting means writing, but a script is also what is used when learning lines for a play. A script is the directions for what the actors should do and say in order to perform correctly. So I am giving joy a script... saying what I do and say in order to bring more joy into my own life in the hopes that someone else might be able to read this and follow those "directions" in order to find more joys in their own. 
So no I'm no expert, and no this may not be the most inspiring blog title anyone has ever heard. But it works. It describes what I want this blog to fulfill, so thus it is the name I choose... I can just hope that as I continue to make a greater effort to post on this blog that I may do a significant job at scripting joy.


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