I wet my plants!

So for my birthday Kenzie gave me stuff to grow my own potted herb garden... and I was so excited. It was probably the most exciting present I've ever been given ;) I waited til after Christmas break to plant them so I could be here to take care of them while they grew... I went to plant them and someone had taken the seed packs out of one of the package with 6 little pots :( But at least this gave me the chance to get more different kinds of seeds... so I got a bunch of different kinds! :) I planted them the other day, and today I saw the first sign of life! The faithful watering via spray bottle has paid off! I went to water them today and saw the smallest little sprout of green in my pot... so exciting! :) I just had to take a picture... even though it's kind of hard to see... I'm so proud though! I don't know that I've ever been this excited about something ;)

Here's the plants when I started planting them... so exciting!

 And here's the pots after they've all been planted! Cilantro, chives, oregano, basil, lavender, spearmint, parsley, and another basil... I can't wait til they really start to get growing :)

 And here's my basil that was the first to start growing today! The arrow is pointing to the little green sprout :)

And here I am with the little pot I'm so proud of! I honestly was so thrilled I could have wet my pants! ;)


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